Site Access: Reservoir Place

The site access will be updated to create a modern and wider access road off Reservoir Place, where all vehicles accessing the main development will come and go.

Site Access: Darlaston Road

As a small portion of the site is located to the south of Walsall Canal, a second access will be brought back in to use off Darlaston Road, with limited vehicle movements relative to the main Phoenix 10 development.

Improvements to the Darlaston Road / Reservoir Place junction

The proposed changes include:

Conversion to a signal-controlled T-Junction, incorporating a new right-turn lane

Enhanced pedestrian crossing facilities

Off-street parking for affected Darlaston Road residents in close proximity to the junction

As a result of these changes, on-street parking would no longer be available outside your home, where double yellow lines would be introduced.​

To mitigate this becoming an issue for residents who can currently benefit from on-street parking, we have considered what we can do to help, and are proposing to construct an alternative area for parking on the vacant land close to the existing junction.

If you live on Darlaston Road, between (odd) numbers 141 and 211, you should have received a letter relating to this potential change in parking. If not, and you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team on
08000 356 480 to discuss the matter further.