Phoenix 10 has a history as a former copper works and an area used for domestic and commercial tip waste.

Whilst the site is not dangerous to the health of people living or working nearby, there are things that need to be addressed before it can be built on, including groundwater, metals and foundry waste, and areas of in-filled land and ‘made ground’.

If you have lived in the local area for a number of years, you may recall plans for the regeneration of the site that were presented by Walsall Council in 2013. These are highlighted in the images below.

Please note that Walsall Council is no longer consulting on those development plans for Phoenix 10, although they remain a part landowner along with Homes England (formerly the Homes and Communities Agency).

We at HBD are now progressing with our own approved plans for the site, having been selected to deliver the scheme. Whilst our approved proposals will still see the land remediated and developed into a major employment site, these are not the exact same plans from 2013.

In addition, HBD has extensive experience in this type of work and we’ll be using a variety of modern methods and cutting-edge techniques to deliver a sustainable development with a focus on environmental protection.